• contemporary art limited edition Fuck Who Thinks It Is Not Clean by Philippe Shangti

Fine art photography by Philippe Shangti - Fuck Who Thinks It Is Not Clean


Limited edition fine art photography print from Philippe Shangti’s series No topless Here

Philippe Shangti’s work is recognizable at first glance thanks to its unqiue, eye-catching style. In just one decade, this photographer has established himself in the world of contemporary art; collectors and galleries around the world know his name. His limited edition fine art photography prints are now available for sale on his official e-shop. This sumptuous limited edition piece entitled Fuck Who Thinks it's Not Clean is from the series No Topless Here.

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A unique aesthetic approach

Women are often the focal point of Philippe Shangti's work, which aims to highlight certain themes that point out flawed features of modern society. These subjects include women’s rights, drug abuses, pollution and animal cruelty. Thanks to his attention to detail and glamorous style, it is near impossible to look at Philippe Shangti’s work without forming a strong opinion. This superb limited edition is no exception.

A limited edition and stunning piece of fine art photography for sale

A three-dimensional plexiglass frame (9 x 9 x 1 in) protects the photograph Fuck Who Thinks it's Not Clean and also magnifies the image. This luxury limited edition is numbered and features Philippe Shangti's signature on the front of the print.


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No topless here
9 x 9 x 1.2 in

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