• contemporary art limited edition The Guardians Of The Garden by Philippe Shangti

Fine art photography by Philippe Shangti - The Guardians Of The Garden


The Guardians of the Gardens: limited edition fine art photography print by Philippe Shangti

The contemporary French artist Philippe Shangti is constantly searching for new ideas and challenges, allowing him to reinvent his artistic universe with each new series. The photograph entitled The Guardians of the Gardens is no exception. Philippe Shangti has quickly gained international fame thanks to his unique style and thought-provoking work. His series are critically acclaimed and have been shown in galleries around the world.


A high-end limited edition print

Philippe Shangti’s fresh new style boldly highlights modern society’s capacity to deny pressing issues like pollution and drug abuse. His editorial-like imagery oozes glamour and does not try to hide the poignant messages below their perfect surfaces. He pays great attention to detail while carefully composing symmetrical pieces that allow the viewer’s eye to weave easily throughout the canvas.

A limited edition fine art photography print with plexiglass frame

The photograph The Guardians of the Gardens is from the series No Animal Killer Here. It pays tribute to Hieronymus Bosch's famous work entitled Garden of Earthly Delights, which was painted in the 16th century. This magnificent limited edition print is showcased in a stunning three-dimensional protective plexiglass frame (18 x 9 x 1 in). It is part of a limited edition in which each print is numbered. Philippe Shangti's signature is featured on the front. This fine art photography print is sure to please Philippe Shangti fans and individuals that love contemporary art.


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No Animal Killer Here
18.1 x 9 x 1.2 in

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