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Look me in the eyes... - mask by Philippe Shangti


What could be more original than using your mask as a communication support? This is the challenge taken up by the artist Philippe Shangti who offers us masks as beautiful as they are amusing.

Delivered with 2 spare filters.


This anti-projection mask is made of two layers of tissue and equipped with an antibacterial filter.
This mask is washable at 60 degrees, withstands disinfectants and laundry, and can be reused after washing many times.
It is recommended that the barrier mask is completely dry within less than two hours after washing.
It is not an MD (Medical Device) or PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). All fabrics used are manufactured in the EEC (European Economic Community).
This mask has not been validated by the official authorities and does not have certification but has been manufactured according to AFNOR recommendations.
Attachment system: elastics behind the ears.
For hygienic reasons, the masks are neither taken back nor exchanged.

How to wear and handle a reusable protective mask?
1) Before handling an anti-projection mask, always wash your hands with soap.
2) Put the fabric mask on your face, grasping only the elastics.
3) Make sure it covers your nose and mouth.
4) Once positioned, the fabric mask must not be touched.
5) Remove the mask using the elastics.
6) Dispose of the filter before washing the mask in the washing machine on the cotton cycle at 60°C.
7) Wash your hands properly with soap and water.

Never throw your mask in the street!


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