Fuck Who Doesn’t Like This Place - Philippe Shangti’s poster


Modern wall art for sale on Philippe Shangti’s official e-shop

Philippe Shangti’s official online store features his most famous fine art photographs printed on an array of products as well as authentic numbered edition prints. Shangti’s line of products includes home décor items including this contemporary art poster, which reads, “Fuck Who Doesn't Like This Place.”


Bring a work of art by an avant-garde contemporary French artist into your home!

Philippe Shangti is a multi-talented fine art photographer who also creates sculptures. Shangti is dedicated to creating art that conveys a message. All of his pieces touch upon subjects that demand reflection, most notably his series Art vs. Drugs and No Pollution Here, which have helped this contemporary French artist gain international recognition.

Modern wall art for sale on Philippe Shangti’s official e-shop

This contemporary art poster measures 19 x 27 in (50 x 70 cm) and is printed on excellent quality paper (90 lb / 250 g). This beautiful reproduction will delight individuals who love contemporary art and who are searching for new ways to decorate their homes or offices.


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Paper 250gr
19.7 x 27.5 in

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